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What We Do

Melbourne Disability Services’ are a registered NDIS service provider that supports people living with disabilities to strive for excellence, and achieve success in any way they see fit. We do this by supporting our participants through a person centred and strengths based approach where we take into account many aspects of the participants life and customise the delivery of their supports to be effective, responsive and seamlessly integrate with their lifestyle.

We understand the complex systems of the NDIS can sometimes be daunting to manage which is why we support participants with navigating the NDIS and guide them to reach the outcomes they're looking for whilst explaining every step of the way. Our team provides assistance to participants to set up their support schedule and receive regular scheduled support on the days they want them and at the times that suits them.

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We offer complete choice and control to set up your supports!







Who We Are

Melbourne Disability Services are a collective group of culturally and linguistically diverse people with one objective to serve our community. We act on this by focusing on supporting the most vulnerable cohort of our society through breaking barriers for them to participate and become active members of our community. Our proud team at MDS from varying backgrounds, experience and skills, are making our objectives achievable through the collaborative effort from our support staff, operations team and management.

Collectively our team finds providing support and serving our community a very rewarding experience and enjoy working with participants to achieve their goals. Our participants enjoy receiving support from their carers and have much gratitude towards the reliable NDIS support they receive. These relationships that form between our participants and staff really cements our part within the community.

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Our Values


We endeavour to be compassionate and empathetic in understanding people and the difficulties they may face. We consider your personal circumstances and offer our support to help anyway we can.


MDS will always act with integrity in our interactions with all people. It is one of our core principles to conduct ourselves in an ethical, moral, honest and honourable way.


We welcome all people for who they are regardless of their differences or abilities. We aim to provide equal opportunities for our staff and the participants we support.


We are a diverse group of people from varying cultures, races, ages who as a team speak over 30 languages. We promote diversity and understand that people from CALD backgrounds have a lot to offer.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to facilitate a nurturing environment that builds the capacity of participants and provides them with opportunities to try something new and discover themselves in the process. 

Our Vision

We see a society where people living with disabilities don’t have barriers to access the community, workforce or engaging in the things they enjoy. A society where people living with disabilities have the same opportunities as all other members in the community and are supported to strive for success and achieve their goals.

Our Purpose

MDS are here to support participants to live their best life, through the provision of person centred supports that build their capacity, caters to their daily living needs and engages them in our community.