Supported Independent Living

Our Approach to SIL!

At Melbourne Disability Services we believe SIL should be a great experience that supports your capacity building journey so you can maintain your current independence skills and work on obtaining new ones all whilst receiving your daily support. You should feel comfortable, safe and confident in your NDIS SIL accommodation, you should be proud to call it your home.

MDS offers a nurturing environment that fosters capacity building, promotes your independence and provides you with opportunities to pursue your goals and interests. We take a person centred approach to your care so you can have access to appropriate, effective and quality support.

Living with Other People and Sharing Supports

When living with other residents and sharing supports, we take extra steps by; considering many aspects of you and your lifestyle; listening to what you want and what you’re looking for in a home; asking you plenty of questions so we can match you with the right housemates that you will likely get along with such as people of similar age and interests so you can live with people you enjoy being around.

Let us know what your future home looks like!


We specialise in delivering person centred supported accommodation services to NDIS participants. We take a holistic approach when setting up your personal support system, taking into account many aspects of your lifestyle. We work with you to paint a picture of what your new home looks like to try and match you with the right Special Disability Accommodation and the right housemates.

We endeavour to support our participant’s independent living through tailored supports and EMPOWERING them to make CHOICES and take CONTROL of their NDIS Supports.

Your Home.  Your Choice.  Your Control.

Our Supported Accommodation services are built on the foundation of delivering supported housing solutions that promote our participants independence, choice and control. Our accommodation team at MDS will work with you and your Support Coordinator to find a place you can call home and set-up supports that seamlessly fit in with your lifestyle.

Our SIL Process

Step 1

Speak to a SIL Specialist

You can contact us at 03 8351 9901, or complete the enquiry form and make a detailed inquiry.

Step 2

Book an Intake Consultation

You will be introduced to a team member and discuss what you are looking for in your new home. We’ll offer you inspections for any suitable homes that we may have.

Step 3

Inspect Our homes

Come along with your family member, support coordinator or support person to inspect our properties and meet some of our proud residents

Step 4

Smooth Transition

We will work closely with your current support team and facilitate a smooth transition. 

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