Specialist Disability Accommodation

What is SDA?

SDA stands for Specialist Disability Accommodation which is an NDIS term for accessible housing. It is an NDIS funded support that allows for participant’s to have access to accessible accommodation that supports their independence. There are five categories of accessibility that you can access ranging from Improved Livability to High Physical Support. The SDA funding you receive varies depending on your specific accessibility needs and what has been recommended for you by your occupational Therapist.

Accessing Your Specialist Disability Accommodation

Participants can access their category of SDA Accessibility in a range of different building types such as Apartments, Townhouses, Detached housing or group homes with multiple residents. You can have access to your in-home supports through ‘Assistance with Daily Living’ supports or have access to up to 24 hour care through SIL funding.

Generally speaking, participants who have been approved for Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) will usually be approved for SIL funding so they may have access to the supports they need whilst living in their accessible accommodation. The amount of SIL & SDA funding you receive is at the discretion of the NDIA and what they consider reasonable and necessary.

What are the different building types I can access? 


Self-contained units that are part of a larger building.

Duplexes, Villas or Townhouses

Separate but Semi-attached properties.


Detached low rise homes with their own garden or courtyard.

Group Homes

Housing with four or five residents sharing support.

Categories of Accessibility

1 Improved Livability

Housing with better physical access that supports people with intellectual, sensory or cognitive impairments.

2 Fully Accessible

This encompasses physically accessible housing that includes many features to support people who face a lot of physical barriers due to their disabilities.

3 Robust Housing

Heavy duty housing to support people living with complex and challenging behaviours who engage in property damage. Robust housing is built with tough and extra strong features to reduce the needs for repairs and maintenance.

4 High Physical Support

Accommodation that includes a high level of accessibility for those who need a very high level of support. This type of housing is built to allow for personalised equipment such as hoists, backup power supplies, home automation and/or communication technology.

Who can Access our SDA Homes? 

Adults living with a permanent disability who have high support needs on a day to day basis. In order to become one of our residents you must have an active NDIS Plan approved for ‘Specialist Disability Accommodation’. If you have already been approved for SDA please contact our team by calling us on 03 8351 9901, filling out the enquiry form or emailing SDA@Melbournedisabilityservices.com.

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