What is SIL

SIL Explained

SIL stands for Supported Independent Living, which is the name of the support service funded by the NDIA that assists participants to live as independently as possible. These supports are usually delivered in a home environment to assist participants with their personal care and daily living activities. Typical SIL supports include assistance with; showering, toileting, cooking, feeding, cleaning and other in-home tasks/activities. You can receive as much or as little support as you would like with SIL, you can have access to 24 hour care depending on what level of funding you have been approved for.

Receiving SIL Supports

You can receive SIL supports regardless of your living circumstances, it doesn’t matter if you live in:

  • A private rental of your own
  • A Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA - Accessible)
  • Accommodation through the Department of Housing (Public Housing)
  • A shared SIL home or group accommodation (Inaccessible)


Generally speaking, participants who have been approved for Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) will usually be approved for SIL funding so they may have access to the supports they need whilst living in their accessible accommodation. The amount of SIL funding you receive is at the discretion of the NDIA and what they consider reasonable and necessary.

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What does SIL Funding Cover?

Supported Independent Living funding only covers the care/support component of your supported accommodation. Participants will often incur out of pocket expenses for ongoing household costs, if you live in a shared accommodation with other participants these costs will generally be shared equally by all residents. Some general costs you can expect in a SIL accommodation include your shared portion of the:

  • Rent
  • Food
  • Consumables*
  • Utilities**

Looking to Apply for SIL?

At Melbourne Disability Services we offer end to end support throughout your independent living journey. We will support you from the initial steps; preparing, compiling and submitting an application for SIL funding to the final steps of connecting  you to your future home and setting up your Personal Care supports.

We understand the complex housing options available with the NDIS and the strenuous process involved in making an application. We will guide you through this process and support you in submitting your application.

Are You Already Approved for SIL?

If you have been approved for Supported Independent Living funding and are looking to access supported accommodation, get in contact with our SIL team and have a discussion about what you are looking for in your new SIL home. We can then schedule some inspections for properties that may be suited to what you are looking for!

How We Do SIL View Vacancies