Support Coordination at MDS

Looking to Maximise the benefits of your NDIS plan? Start with MDS Support Coordinators

What is support Coordination? 

When you have an NDIS plan, you have the power to choose the service providers you want to work with.

However, coordinating these services on your own can sometimes be challenging and overwhelming. You may wonder where to even begin and how to navigate through the complexities of the NDIS. 

Fortunately, Support Coordinators are available to assist you. They possess expertise in navigating the NDIS and are dedicated to understanding your unique needs. Their goal is to find the appropriate supports and services that will enable you to achieve your goals.

Your NDIS plan can include three levels of support coordination: 

  • Level 1 Support Connection
  • Level 2 Coordination of Supports
  • Level 3 Specialist Support Coordination.


What Support Coordination Services does MDS provide?

We offer:

  • Level 1: Support Connection 
  • Level 2: Coordination of Supports

MDS Support Coordinators can help you with?  

Our team of registered, skilled, and experienced Support Coordinators are dedicated to helping you and your family access the necessary supports to enhance your quality of life and support you to achieve your goals. 

Our Support Coordinators are familiar with the local community and have established strong connections with local services and supports. They will ensure that they always find the most suitable options for you.

Our Support Coordinators will work closely with you and your support network to help you achieve your NDIS goals. 


We will:

  • Identify the most suitable services and service providers that meet your unique needs, ensuring that you get good value for your money and have the ability to exercise choose and control
  • Connect you with a strong support team and coordinate different service providers and supports, including mainstream, informal, community, and funded supports: or help you build the skills and capacity to coordinate your own supports
  • Obtain quotes for services and establish Service Agreements with providers
  • Find appropriate accommodation and respite options for you
  • Assist you in finding a job or engaging in other community activities
  • Coordinate assessments, reports, and consultations with health and medical specialists
  • Respond to crises and help devise solutions for managing risky situations, such as when caregivers are ageing
  • Plan and explore options during significant life transitions, such as leaving school or moving homes
  • Assess the need for advocacy services and guide you in accessing them if necessary
  • Monitor your progress towards your NDIS goals and evaluate the performance of the support services you utilize
  • Initiate a plan review if your current plan does not adequately meet your needs
  • Review your goals before your scheduled NDIS plan review



Interested in Support Coordination at MDS?

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