Looking to Access COVID Safe Supports?

Our Response to COVID-19

Melbourne Disability Services are closely following government guidelines and restrictions with regards to COVID-19 and ensuring our response is in line with state and federal rules. We have taken a robust response to COVID-19 and the management of outbreaks, set procedures in place to prevent the spread and reduce your exposure to COVID-19.

Melbourne Disability Services has put in place a number of safety precaution measures to maximise our efforts in managing COVID-19 and increase our chances of stopping the spread.

We implement our COVID-19 Safety Management Plan in addition to our COVID-19 Policies and Procedures which governs how we respond to cases of COVID -19 within our organisation or community. In addition to this we offer personal protective equipment and rapid antigen tests to all our participants should they wish to access them. We also provide mandatory training to all our team members to ensure they understand how to implement our COVID-19 management plan, policies and have a consistent approach to responding to managing COVID-19.

Our COVID-19 Policy

COVID Safety Training

All Melbourne Disability Services staff have been trained to the national standards of Infection Control in addition to our specific COVID-19 Management training. Our staff know how to deliver COVID safe support and implement appropriate measures to reduce your exposure to COVID-19 and help stop the spread.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

We offer a supply of PPE to all our participants at no extra cost to them, our support staff are fully equipped with tier 1 PPE so if you ever run out feel free to ask your support worker as they should have spares. All our staff have full access to our PPE storage if they are ever in need and we keep a minimum supply at all times. We implement appropriate PPE to deliver safe support inline with our COVID response.

Rapid Antigen Tests (RATs)

All MDS staff have access to RAT tests should they be feeling symptoms or would like to take a test just to be on the safe side. We offer RAT tests to all our participants should they wish to access them and at no out of pocket expense to them.

COVID-19 Update: Please click here for latest updates.